Sunday, March 27, 2016

Swap n hop partner reveal & what she sent


This is the second year of the Bead Peeps group Swap n Hop and the second year that I have participated. This year I was partnered with Deborah Apodaca who is a jack of all trades in the design and craft world. You can check out her blog here. Here is a sample of some of her previous work. 


I had trouble knowing what to send because she does so many different things, but in the end I just pulled together a soup that I would love to keep for myself and sent her that. As I may have said before, I usually know when a soup is ready to send because I'm jealous of the recipient and want to keep it for myself. Keeping it, though, and making up a new soup is not the point, so off the soup went. You can see a picture of what I sent her below. I'm really looking forward to what she comes up with! This is a picture she took that I'm borrowing from her post about me (here) because mine is sideways and I'm having picture rotating issues. 

Once we both had our packages, we opened them at the same time. I immediately fell in love with the amazing focal that she sent. It's polymer clay and reminds me of warm weather and the beach. See the picture below. Of course, here is NH the water never gets that color and today was cold and raw, but still, a reminder is nice. It's also nice to know that the design and creation of this beachy colors piece will carry me though, until it actually is warm here. Check back May 15th to see what Deborah and I made. 

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