Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to make a photobox

My bead soup partner Leslie received the soup I sent her today. Not only did she love the beads, which I will post a picture of as soon as she does, but the girls she showed her soup to also loved the little boxes I made up. So, I told her that would do a little photo tutorial of how to do it. Because apparently Valentine's Day is sitting on the couch and not feeling motivated to do any school work. It's OK. Soon I will have some Richardson's ice cream.

OK. I first saw this idea on Pinterest, except the directions I saw used toilet paper rolls covered in scrapbook paper. Since I didn't have any tp rolls and, frankly, the idea of sending my old tp rolls across the country to a stranger seemed weird. Since I have an abundance of dahlia photos that I normally use for cards, I decided to try it out with those. It worked and I was pretty pleased with myself, to be honest. I had really wanted to send out my soup in some neat package and was happy I managed to pull it together with materials I already owned.

Here's how I did it!
1. You'll need a pair of scissors, double sided tape, and a photo. I used a 4x6.

2. Fold in one of the 4" sides of the photo.

3. Fold the remaining card in half.

4. Sticky tape along the length of the originally folded over flap.

5. Flatten down your tube.

6. Using the scissors, cut the ends in a dome shape.

7. Repeat on the other end and your flattened tube will look like this.

8. Unflatten your tube and fold in one of the sides toward the center of the tube. Pinching it when it is folded helps to make the crease. Repeat on the other side and then the other end.

9. Finished box!

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