Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bead swap package

I received my package from my swap n hop partner Rebecca the other day. It is so exciting to get a mystery package in the mail. The first thing that I found inside was that our packing styles and note styles are identical. It was eerie how similarly we packaged up what we sent. Even the format of our notes was the same. This was completely random. Great minds think alike I guess!
Anyway, Rebecca sent me a cool owl cabochon that she made and a neat array of beads to go with it. The clasp she sent is also an owl. My husband likes birds, so that was neat. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them, but that's half the fun! 
The other picture shows what I sent her. I send along a nice piece of Shibori ribbon, an enameled clasp, two lamp work disks and lots of fire polished beads and seed beads. I always know when my "soup" is ready to send because I start to get insanely jealous of my partner and want to keep it for myself. I know then that it is time to send it off before I reason myself into making a new soup. Come back in May for the big reveal and see what Rebecca and I made with our stashes!


  1. Both are so pretty! You will both be making some fab pieces.

  2. that shibori is drool worthy (can i ask where you got it?) =)

  3. Aria design studio on etsy, Linda! :)

  4. So pretty! You will have a blast with these!